FAQ'S For Business Coaching

What is Business Coaching?

Business coaches help small business owners  work "on" their business not just "in" their business. They apply their knowledge of business, strategy, psychology, adult learning and neuroscience to help business owners make things happen.

What is the difference between coaching and consulting?

A coach provides a framework for success and guides the business owner through a process that is designed to help the business owner make good decisions and get results. Consulting often involves hiring an expert to assist with a mission critical activity that is outside the expertise or competence of the current business owner and/or their staff.

How does Business Coaching Work?

Business coaching is best customized to the specific needs of  business owners. All business coaching engagement include an initial session to develop the scope of work. This meeting is followed by an agreement to a process that will include multiple meetings during six months or longer.



Are you ready to accelerate your results? Coaching can help make the impossible possible.


Complimentary Session

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