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“I want to buy a business. How do I begin? How can I find funding?”

A seasoned entrepreneur who wants to buy a business often finds he or she needs help. This help may include determining the requirements for an acquisition, where to find a business that meets these requirements, and a sounding board to debate and discuss the many decisions that have to be made through the acquisition process.

At Coach on CAll, a sister company of Calder Associates, we are experts in the sale of privately held businesses. Individuals and corporations seek our assistance when they want us to help as their advisor when none of our business listings meet their requirements.

Our business acquisition coaching is provided as needed to accomplish a myriad of objectives including:

  • Clarify objectives of a purchase
  • Define the target acquisition profile
  • Evaluate financial buying capacity
  • Educate the buyer on the buying process and issues to consider
  • Share and review current opportunities
  • Other methods to help prepare the prospective buyer take the next steps

We will conduct a complimentary 30-minute session which will help clarify your purchase objectives and evaluate your financial capability as a buyer. Please Click here to Schedule a 30-minute session